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Wednesday, December 29, 2010



first of all, let me use full english for this post as my LSP300 class was started today and i'm still getting into mood... =)

it's a bit shocking actually to see and to know the level of fluency needed in this class... frankly, i'm not much a spoken english-user... if they told me to write in english, then i know... not to say i'm best, but i can... =)
illustration only

still, i need to face this 'ultimate challenge' since i must pass this course to graduate... damn i'm afraid of fooling myself in front of these people.. but then, it's now or never... right?

and.. speaking of challenge.. the truth is i feel like these semester is going to be tougher than last sem... with just plus-minus 4month to complete the syllabus, and i dare say the course that i take this sem is god-knows-how-tough kinda things.... 

lastly, Malaysia is playing their final game tonight! let us wish only the best for Malaysia team!

P/S: if the spirit that Malaysian shows tonight, how they become 'one' because of football can be the same related to Palestinian's issues, i think the Palestinians can have a brighter future, inshaAllah! =) 


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